A mortgage does not have to feel like a millstone around your neck as a burden which never eases. We can show you proven methods of reducing your debts faster whilst maintaining a lifestyle you choose. Moosa T. Mohammed has over 15 years experience in the financial services industry here in New Zealand and has helped many clients become mortgage free and enjoy a debt free lifestyle. We will work with you to firstly identify realistic goals and prepare a tailored report for you to achieve them faster.

One of the most common and important goals for Kiwis, is to be debt free. Yet, people are very casual in their approach and are rarely proactive in achieving these goals. Many a Kiwi family can relate to the fact that they have mortgage repayments in on time month after month, year after year, yet the amount owing hardly seems to go down.

If you wanted to pay off your mortgage faster but were unsure about how to go about it, we at Savewell can help you manage your mortgage in a more efficient manner.

The key to success is a proactive approach with planning and structure your financial goals, rather than meandering along and hoping for the best. We provide regular monitoring with key performance indicators to ensure you are on track to achieve the goals you set.